In this case i have used the wizard from the ASDM ASA interface.

1. Opening the ASA VPN configuration assistant:

2. Choosing VPN type:

3. Configuring IP and Pre-Shared Key

  • Peer IP Address = Linux Server IP
  • Pre-Shared Key = The same the we set on Linux server (it needs to be identical otherwise it is no going to work)
  • Tunnel Group Name =  VPN Tunnel Name

4. Type of cryptography

The same one that we set on the Linux server(it needs to be identical otherwise it is no going to work).


5. Configuring IPSec Rule

The same configuration as the step before.

6. The networks will be accessed by the two sides:

  • Local Networks = network from the ASA side
  • Remote Networks = network from the Linux Side

7. Configuration

8. We will need now access the firewall so we set the access rules (ACL’s)

9. Configuring ACL’s

After the Cisco ASA configuration we need to go back to the linux server and start the VPN Tunnel:


# ipsec setup start


All right!! Our VPN Site-to-Site Linux and Cisco ASA is ready to go!

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