Programming an Intranet with Apache, MySQL, and Perl



Why Perl?

There is a time when our Perl programs need to go out of only command line. Don’t get me wrong, there is no problem with command line, but some people find that it is no so friendly, ugly or whatever


One day your boss will come to you and say: “I want you to make all application you made that gather information from the server available for our customer support level 1”

And then you say: “They are already available!”

You boss angry responds: “People from support level 1 are not familiar with command line! I want something graphical, friendly and accessible from any computer in the company.”

Everything can be done with Perl, we can create modules to administer servers, web interface, and also we can make Apache modules. What is even better is the fact that we won’t spend a buck with software licensing and we don’t need to install anything new on the Linux servers.

Besides all the others functionalities Perl is capable of administer web applications. In order to do that we have CGI, DBI, Catalyst and much more that make easier the life of a programmer.

This article will show an introduction to CGI application with Apache, Perl, and MySQL. It is possible to implement Perl on Windows server (IIS) but I this is beyond of the scope of this article. You can find some information about it at ActivePerl | ActiveState Community Site.


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