Configuring and Customizing SquirrelMail

Well , the time has come for our webmail. Squirrelmail is really cool, though there is other competitors such as RoundCubeMail.

The Squirrel lets you use many plugins, making it more robust. In addition, of course, it is compatible with MySQL and LDAP.

If you have not installed it, run the command:
# yum install squirrelmail –y

After that let’s run the configurator:
# /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/

We will now include some data from our company to our webmail.


  • Go to option 1 – Organization Preferences:
  • There you can change the name of your organization, add logo, among other options.
  • In option 2, Server Settings, you can modify your domain, and change the smtp to SMTP (option 3).
  • The option 8 you have the plugins. Just take a look at SQUIRREL website and read about what each plugin does (
  • In Option 10 you can change the language.
  • In sub-option 1, change the DEFAULT LANGUAGE to en_US.
  • And finally, option D. Change to dovecot.


Made the changes, simply save by selecting “S ” followed by “Q” to quit.

After the modifications, you can also go ahead and do further customizations in the login.php file.

For this, edit the file:

# joe /usr/share/squirrelmail/src/login.php

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